Inspired by streetwear and classic fit, with a new vision the brand is founded around the idea of create pieces using different fabrics to make this two universe the perfect association. With garment construction, the goal is to create contemporary functional pieces through a local and sustainable manufacturing, using high-end materials and modern craftsmanship.
Designed by Ludovic Valery - Graziani, the brand presents full mens collections that seek to unite technical innovation with technical fabric. Founded in Corsica, Ludovic Valery - Graziani combines the influences of his present years in London with his commitment to detail, innovation and desire to push new ideas forward.
Raised in Corsica where he was born, creative director Ludovic Valery - Graziani has dedicated time to the conceptualization and subsequent creation of a series of garments and accessories. Creating ‘L8 STUDIO’ broadened horizons and permitted to develop a palette of designs skills due do his keen interest for garment developing, through extensive research from sourcing textiles, pattern making, all the way to communicating ideas through the commercialization of the brand.
Approaching fashion design from a different angle mixing classic fit and streetwear to give these two universes the perfect association, with a new vision. Today Ludovic Valery - Graziani lives and study in London, United Kingdom.